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Countertop appliances are great energy savers and cut down on added heat in the kitchen.

Slow cookers allow you to put in all the ingredients for a dish in the morning, turn the cooker on for the day and come home
to a finished meal in the evening.

Most electric pressure cookers can take the place of slow and rice cookers. Some models even have a sauté function that
can cut out stovetop steps like browning meat.

Besides preparing rice effortlessly, rice cookers are also good for steaming and for cooking other grains.

A good toaster oven can do much of the work of a full-size oven, such as roasting vegetables or baking breads, casseroles
and cobblers.

Microwaves do a lot more than heat up your leftovers. They can steam things easily and melt butter, chocolate and cheese efficiently.

Air fryers are popular for crisping foods and for quickly roasting vegetables and warming leftovers.