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January 2023

We have had several members call in reporting scam calls. The callers claim to be from Central Texas Electric Co-op and threaten to disconnect service within 30 minutes if payment is not made over the phone. We want our members to know how to spot a utility scam and keep their financial information safe.
  • CTEC will never call or email you to threaten service disconnection if payment is not made immediately.
  • CTEC will never ask you to pay with a prepaid card.
  • CTEC will never call from an out-of-state number.
  • CTEC will never have a technician call you to say they are coming to disconnect power.
  • CTEC will never request a cash payment at your home or business.
  • CTEC will never try to sell you solar panels, energy audits, or any other products or services door-to-door.
  • CTEC will never call or email you requesting bank or wire transfer information.