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September 2022

While CTEC takes measures to prevent power outages, they are not completely avoidable.  Here are some common questions we get about power outages.  To find more tips on being preparted if your electricity goes out, visit us here.


Does CTEC automatically know when my power goes out?

Advanced meters can send outage information to the co-op.  However, it is always best to report an outage to CTEC.  The best way to report an outage is with our SmartHub app or SmartHub online.  Learn more about SmatHub here.  You can also call 1-800-900-2832 to report your outage.  Never assume we know or that someone else will report it.


What can I do to help get my power back on quickly?

First, check your fuses or circuit breakers to ensure they are not blown or tripped.  Next, report your outage.  Let us know if you saw or heard anything, such as sparks, loud noises, and trees or limbs in the power lines.  This will help our crews locate the problem quickly and get the power restored.  


How do you decide whose power to restore first?

In the event of a large outage, the restoration process begins at the substation where power feeds into our system.  From there, crews work on lines serving the greatest number of members until electricity is restored to all main lines.  Then crews begin repairing lines to individual members if needed.  If there is not a major issue affecting many members, outages are processed as they come in. 


Why would a crew pass by my house without restoring power?

Our goal is always to restore power as quickly and safely as possible in the event of an outage.  If you see a service crew pass by without stopping, it could be because crews are working to restore main lines, responding to an emergency, or going past your location to access lines and substations serving your location.  Often, the work needed to restore power at your location does not need to be done at your location. 


Why does my neighbor have power, but I don't?

Who is affected by an outage depends on the cause and the location of the problem.  If your neighbor has electricity, but you don't, it is likely that you are served on separate lines or it could be a transformer issue.  Also, remember to make sure that your power is not out because of a tripped breaker at your home. 


Why can't you tell me how long it will take to restore my power?

During an outage, especially right after the outage occurs, we may not know what is causing the power interruption.  When we do not know the cause, it is impossible to give an estimated time of restoration. Crews encounter many factors that affect the time it takes to find problems and make the necessary repairs, especially with outages caused by weather events.   


Is a generator safe to use when I lose power?

A generator can be a wonderful tool during an outage, but it can also be extremely dangerous if used improperly.  Without a transfer switch, a generator is a fire hazard if it is online when the electricity is restored.  Improper connection of a generator to your home's electrical circuits also endangers service crews working to restore power.  If used without ventilation, generators can cause deadly carbon monoxide poisoning.  Never use a generator indoors.  To find out more about generators, visit us here