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Some days can feel like all four seasons from morning to night - enough that you might be tempted to run your air conditioning and heat in the same day.

If it's hot enough during the daylight hours for the AC and cool enough overnight for the heat, there is really no harm in using both on the same day.  However, it's a good idea to ease one system off before switching to the other.  Here are a few tips for a good transition.

Air conditioning systems run in cycles. Once the house reaches the temperature you have set on your thermostat, it will cycle off.  You'll hear it when that happens. Before you turn your AC off, listen for it to complete its cycle. Short-cycling can cause the AC compressor to lock up.

Wait five minutes after you turn the AC off before switching to heat. This grace period will give the refrigerant in the AC a chance to normalize, which can prevent circuits from tripping if the transition on the heater is too abrupt.

Avoid drastic thermostat changes. Once the AC is off, raise the temperature just a few degrees and then wait for the heat to rise to that temperature before raising it any more. This prevents your heating system from overworking, which is inefficient.

You might be able to avoid using both systems on the same day with some simple steps.

In the morning when it's cool, open the blinds to let the daylight naturally worm rooms but block the sun before it gets too warm so your air conditioner doesn't have to work so hard.

Anticipate the evening temperature drop and stop running your air conditioning before the weather cools down.

Put extra blankets on your bed to feel warmer and try to avoid having to run the heater overnight. If the morning is chilly, wear extra layers and slippers until the temperature warms up.