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At CTEC, your voice matters. Since 1947, we’ve been owned and governed by members like you. Democratic Member Control is one of the Seven Cooperative Principles: one membership, one vote. Central Texas Electric Co-op recognizes that its members are the owners of the company, and deserve a say in the governing of the business, as well as a right to hear periodic reports on its performance and plans for the future.  Members are officially notified of these meetings by mail or through notices printed in the Texas Co-op Power magazine.  These meetings fall into two categories: District Meetings; and the Annual Meeting of members.

CTEC Annual Member Meeting

August 15, 2023

Fredericksburg High School Auditorium

Registration begins at 6:00 p.m. - Meeting begins at 7:00 p.m.

CTEC hosts an Annual Meeting each August in Fredericksburg.  At this meeting, the nominees that were elected at their respective district meetings were voted into the board of directors. All members in attendance receive a gift from CTEC.  Members that are unable to attend the meeting in person, can participate by proxy.  Proxy cards are mailed to each member or are included with the August issue of Texas Co-op Power magazine.

Annual Meetings are held every third Tuesday of August. Co-op operations are carried out under policies set by the Board of Directors. As a member, you select these directors, who also are CTEC members, at the Annual Meeting. Directors represent six voting districts, or areas, and serve a three-year term, with a maximum of 4 term limits. Qualifications for Directors and additional information concerning the Annual Meeting are included in the cooperative bylaws.  If you have questions about any of our meetings, please call us at 1-800-900-2832 or email



District meetings are held in each area between May 20th and June 20th every year.  All meetings share information relating to the co-op and present a video report.  Each member in attendance also receives a $10 bill credit and is eligible for door prizes.  If you have questions about any of our meetings, please call us at 1-800-900-2832 or email

If a board seat is open in a district, members will also elect a nominee for the board of directors. Additional information is covered in the cooperative bylaws.  By exercising your right to vote, you will help select a candidate to represent your area on the Central Texas Electric Co-op Board of Directors.  The elected directors, who serve a three-year term, will represent their geographic district.

The cooperative is composed of six directorate districts. They are:

  • District 1 (Kendall County area)
  • District 2 (Kerr, Real, Southern Kimble County area)
  • District 3 (Mason, McCulloch, Menard, Northern Kimble County area)
  • District 4 (Llano County area)
  • District 5 (Gillespie, Blanco County area)
  • District 6 (San Saba County area). 


CTEC Districts map




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