Our community room, in the Fredericksburg Headquarters Building, is available to rent for personal or business use.  It features a full-sized kitchen complete with a refrigerator, coffee machine, stove, microwave, and sink.  The room has a maximum capacity of 80. 


Call 1-800-900-2832 for pricing information.


  • During business hours, parking is prohibited in the front of the building where it is designated as 30 Minute Short-Term Parking. These 6 parking spaces to the right of the entrance are reserved for CTEC customers only.
  • No alcoholic beverages or tobacco products are allowed on the premises. No confetti, glitter, or smoke machines are allowed.
  • No open flames, candles, incense, or any flammable materials are allowed in the building.
  • Access is limited to the Community Room and the adjoining foyer, restrooms, and kitchen. Guests may not enter any other portion of the CTEC building.
  • After using the facility, the sponsoring individual or organization is responsible for cleaning the entire facility. Trash should be placed in appropriate bags or containers and left in the hallway adjacent to the kitchen. Chairs and tables should be returned to the same position they were in before the event.
  • Community Room keys should be returned to the CTEC receptionist before 12:00 noon on the next business day following the event or can be left in the box located in the hall closet.
  • No Wi-Fi is available.
  • We do not provide television, VCR or microphone. 


All proceeds from the Community Room rental fees benefit our Operation Round-Up Program. 

Operation Round-Up is a community benefit program that awards grants to local organizations and programs as well as individuals and families in need in our community.