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The March 15, 2022 deadline is approaching for Central Texas Electric Cooperative members that are interested in running for a seat on the cooperative’s board of directors.  Those members interested in becoming a director candidate must meet bylaw requirements, reside in the area served by the cooperative as well as receive electric service in the district where they are seeking to be placed on the ballot at the district meetings in June. 

In adherence with CTEC bylaws, any member interested in a director nomination must submit a completed application and petition signed by at least 10 cooperative members within the district that they are seeking nomination.   Members who do not deliver an application and petition before the March 15, 2022 deadline will not be eligible to be named as a district meeting nominee, as the bylaws do not allow nominations from the floor.

The Credentials and Election Committee, which is composed of cooperative members, will review each application and petition.  The individuals, whose applications and petitions are approved and verified, will be listed on the District Meeting Notice that is mailed to all cooperative members in the district in question. 

The deadline for submitting the required materials is 5:00 p.m. on Monday, March 15, 2022, in our headquarters office in Fredericksburg.  However, members that are wishing to be placed on the ballot are urged to turn in the necessary items as soon as possible.  The earlier a member turns in their submission, the more time CTEC staff members have to review the material and determine if all requirements are met and give the potential candidates the opportunity to resolve any errors or oversites before the deadline expires.  If an application is received after this deadline, it will not be considered.  Potential candidates are also encouraged to obtain petition signatures from more than the minimum 10 members in the event one or more of the signatures is not recognized as valid by the Credentials and Election Committee.

Applications and petition forms are available at the CTEC headquarters office in Fredericksburg.  To have one mailed or emailed, or if you have questions about the director election process, please call the cooperative’s toll-free number at 1-800-900-2832, or locally in Fredericksburg at (830) 997-2126.