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Life Support

Submit your Life Support Information


If you or any family members rely on electricity for a life support system, we need to know about it. When a planned outage is necessary in your area, we will call you in advance so you can make other arrangements. We will do everything possible to minimize the time your power has to be off.

Call the nearest CTEC office to report your situation and contact information. Your account will be flagged and you will be notified of any planned outages in your area.

If you or a family member relies on any form of life support, you should:


  • Fill out the form (link above) and submit it.
  • Update this information at least every six months or whenever there is a change.
  • Obtain backup equipment such as generators or batteries.
  • Notify CTEC immediately when an outage occurs and tell the dispatcher that you are a critical need member.
  • Make sure you have a phone that does not rely on electricity, and
  • Keep your account number, meter number, and the CTEC phone number for your area by the phone.


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