The Co-op Business Model

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Local & Community-Driven

Electric Cooperatives are built by and belong to the communities they serve.  They are led by members of the community and are uniquely suited to meet local needs. 


Every Member Counts

Members elect their peers to represent them on the board that governs co-op operations and guides the co-op's impact in the community. 


Serving People Over Profits

Unlike other utilities, cooperatives are led by the members they serve and return excess revenue back to members instead of outside investors or shareholders.


Member Satisfaction

Cooperatives believe the greatest measure of organizational success is member satisfaction.  Electric cooperatives, on average, score higher than all other electric companies, according to the American Consumer Satisfaction Index.


Innovation & Quality of Life

Electric cooperative members receive more than just energy services.  Co-ops were formed to fill a community's needs.  Co-ops continue to create programs and services that support economic development in the community.