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August 2022

August 16, 2022 at Fredericksburg High School  

Not every company invites its customers to an annual meeting to elect a board of directors that will set policy—but your electric co-op does just that. When you registered as a member of Central Texas Electric Cooperative, you automatically became an owner as well. Cooperatives use a business model that is different from most other utilities. They don’t sell stock on Wall Street, so there are no profit-seeking investors. Control of a co-op rests only with its members.

Each customer of a co-op is an equal partner in that utility. Members can run for a seat on the board of directors, and everyone has the chance to vote for the candidates who do run, knowing that every candidate is an interested rate-paying member of the co-op.

It’s important to attend your co-op’s annual meeting. It’s a good place to meet the CEO and staff and get to know the directors who advise and make decisions on important policy matters.  

It’s also where you can vote on the board of directors and learn about the issues and successes your co-op is experiencing.

Membership in a co-op comes with privileges, but it also comes with the responsibility to keep up with co-op matters and cast your vote for the directors you think will do the best job. We need everyone’s participation, which is why we ask you to make it a priority to attend CTEC’s annual meeting on August 16 in Fredericksburg. If you cannot make the meeting in person, you can still participate by sending in your proxy card on the cover of this month’s issue by the deadline.

Find out more about our member meeting here.