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October 2022

A licensed electrician can help with various home projects - from lighting upgrades to full renovations.  Keep the following tips in mind if you're looking to hire a trusted professional. 

  1. Hire a licensed, qualified electrician for the job.  Look for a master electrician to manage the project.  They have the most experience and will often oversee the work of a journey-level electrician or apprentice.
  2. Make sure they're insured.  Seasoned electricians know the importance of protecting themselves in case of an accident.
  3. Read all the reviews.  Hire an electrician that has several positive reviews - not just one or two.  Read reviews on different websites, like Nextdoor, Yelp, and Home-Advisor, and consider asking your neighbors for recommendations.
  4. Determine your budget.  Get multiple quotes as prices can vary greatly.  Knowing your budget upfront helps move the process along.
  5. Talk timeline.  If your project is time-sensitive, convey that early on and discuss a realistic timeline with the electrician.