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Outage Update

CTEC Schedules Power Outages in Kendall and Kerr Counties

Major improvements to Central Texas Electric Cooperative's electric delivery system are scheduled to take place in sections on March 14, 15 and 16 which will require some homes and businesses to be without power on the one day that their specific section is converted.   Weather permitting, the work is scheduled to begin at 8:30 a.m. each day and should not last more than 3 ½ hours.  Since the work will be done in phases, not all members will be restored simultaneously. The map to the left displays the anticipated outage areas for each day.  The scheduled power outage will enable Central Texas Co-op to make conversion upgrades resulting in safer, more reliable electric service in the Comfort, Sisterdale and surrounding areas.

"Power outages are a necessity when it comes to specialized work that cannot be safely performed while electric lines are energized," said David Peterson, Director of Operations and Engineering at Central Texas Electric Co-op. "We understand these outages are slightly inconvenient, but they are for the benefit of our members. Regular system upgrades are necessary for optimal performance, and to increase reliability and safety."

Central Texas Electric Co-op urges any consumer affected by the outage to submit any access information such as gate combinations to ensure your power can be restored as quickly as possible.

"We're always working on making our service the best possible for our members, and in order to do this we occasionally have to suspend certain services," said Bob Loth, CEO of Central Texas Electric Co-op. "Every effort will be made to minimize this disruption; however, the safety of our employees is our first and foremost concern.  We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience any of our members may experience."





Kendall County Outage - January 6, 2017

Central Texas Electric Cooperative (CTEC) officials reported a significant power outage Friday evening, January 6, and Saturday, January 7, which affected 1000+ members served out of the Kendall Substation.   The outage, affecting members in the areas of Comfort, Sisterdale, and Holiday Road, including Falling Water and The Reserve subdivisions, was caused by an underground distribution cable failure.  Once the problem was isolated and repaired, electricity had to be restored in phases due to heavy demand. 


CTEC had numerous crews working throughout the night to repair the problem and restore power to all affected.


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