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Board Meeting Recap

Meeting called to order and prayer offered.

Approved: Minutes of the Regular Board Meeting held February 13, 2018
Approved: February 6, 2018 - March 5, 2018 Membership List and Membership Conversions
Reviewed: Safety Report for one month ended January 31, 2018
Reviewed: Adjustments to 2017 Year-End Financials
Reviewed: Financial & Statistical Reports for one month ended January 31, 2018
Discussed: IRS Form 990
Reviewed: Board Policy No. 9
Reviewed: Board Policy No. 15
Approved: Member access to board policies, subject to proper purpose
Approved: Revision to Board Policy No. 8
Approved: Bill credit for district meeting attendees
Discussed: Outage Management System update
Discussed: Load-following power pricing update
Discussed 2018 District Meeting update
Approved: Revision to mission statement
Discussed Transmission update
Discussed: Harper Community Center request
Discussed: Committee Reports

Meeting adjourned


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